The story so far. The RB200 started life as an RS200 replica kit based on a Toyota MR2 roadster. The kit needed a lot of work to fit well, and there was things I wanted to change to make it much easier to fit and bring the look of the car more up to date. I’m a tattoo artist but my history is in building custom cars back in the early 2000’s with many competition winning cars, so I couldn’t resist putting my own twist on the classic RS200.

Every panel on the kit has been altered. Some are subtle changes and some are more obvious but the original DNA of the car is still very much alive. The front bumper has lost its spot lights and gained a huge aggressive vent. A much deeper lower section creates a better side profile that scoops into the front vent. The bonnet now has a much bigger vent which makes it visible at a lower angle and both light pods have been flushed into the light bulges which gives it a much more sleek look. The doors now take the MR2 door handles and mirrors which saves money, functions better and look much more modern. Also the doors and side skirts are around 70mm deeper than the original RS200 and I’ve removed the window frame which makes the side vents into the rear clam much deeper. It also creates a flowing body line from the top of the windscreen, all the way around the side vents on the rear clam and then back up the lower window line and back into the windscreen. The roof was built from scratch and blends into the original MR2 window frame. It uses the rear window out of the MR2 convertible top and it is the main support for the rear clam hinges. The rear clam has been shortened 25mm and the rear window in the top corners has been rounded off. The rear of the side pods has been blended into beautiful flowing line that goes into subtle flick running across the rear edge of the centre intercooler vent. Possibly my favourite bit. I’ve also cut out the centre section of the rear spoiler and widened the gap, ready to fit an adjustable wing in its place. I think I’ve made enough major changes to call it my own, so thats why I’ve called it RB200, because those are my initials.

I had to take moulds of it so that in the event of an accident I could reproduce any broken parts and I wouldn’t loose all my hard work. Having the moulds also means I can make more of these RB200 kits and build more of these wild looking little sports cars or make some kits for sale so other people can build them too! So this is NOT another RS200 replica. I wanted to bring its looks into modern times to fit with its modern chassis and running gear. I wanted to make it easy to fit and use as many of the MR2 parts as possible. And most of all I wanted it to look like it belongs to a street racing storm trooper!